The problem with Facebook

Ah, nostalgia. It seems like all college kids and twenty-somethings are able to do these days is complain: here at Columbia we’ve got papers, reading, exams, meetings, and everything else under the sun to do.

Sometimes we can’t help but wish for a simpler time—a time when everyone’s phone wasn’t equipped with cameras to capture your every move, when Twitter wasn’t around to broadcast it… people, I’m talking about a time without Facebook.

Yep, I said it! Of course all of these sites and technology have made networking and connecting with friends so much easier, but for a bunch of students looking to blow off steam on a Friday night, the internet can sort of be the (professional) kiss of death.

How about some examples? Well for one, this esteemed new campus music group recently released a video that’s come under some scrutiny in other campus publications in the exact same week an Illinois man lost his job for publishing his offensive thoughts on Facebook.

I suppose the entire point of this post is as follows: there’s a world outside of the Columbia bubble, guys. I’m not saying it isn’t okay to have fun, but we still have to be smart about how much of our lives we put on the internet for all to see and what message that conveys. Sometimes it’s indeed just a drunk text tweet—and the difference is pretty hazy when we're all vying for campus notoriety—but other times it gets you fired… so it’s really kind of a wash.

Until next time,
(Serious) Awkward at CU


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I agree This song is awesome!! That piano sound hwveoer needs to be richer in tone and more out front. Great chord change though! I want to learn this one!! 5 out of 5 Stars!

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