And the Oscar for Best Dressed goes to...

Whoever says that the Oscars are primarily about movies is seriously mistaken. Rather than the 20+ awards given out to Hollywood’s best and brightest, media coverage focuses much more heavily on the gals, the gowns, and the glam of Oscar fashion. We've honored this tradition and rounded up this year’s best and worst dressed.


1. Milla Jovovich

Milla’s sequined off-white gown, old-Hollywood inspired hair, and red lips took the red carpet to another era. Her Elie Saab gown was elegant and high fashion, making this actress’ Oscar debut unforgettable and proving that winter white never goes out of style.

2. Giuliana Rancic

In the past couple months Guiliana has gone through a double mastectomy and fought breast cancer with beauty and grace, and her Oscar ensemble embodied those same two traits. Her ethereal Tony Ward couture gown, sleek bun, and simple yet stunning jewelry, land this empowering female high up on the best-dressed list.

3. Michelle Williams

After a disastrous animal print dress at the Golden Globes, fashion critics feared that the end was near for Michelle Williams. However at this year's Oscars, her coral Louis Vuitton dress with a bustier top and teared skirt was whimsical and show-stopping, taking Williams out of the fashion police’s radar. She accessorized with an unexpected bow brooch, and her sleek, short hairdo brought the adorable outfit together with a bang.


1. Sarah Hyland

Aside from wondering why this actress was even at the Academy Awards in the first place, I found myself seriously questioning if she didn’t realize that David’s Bridal was not a suitable place to get your dress for such an event. The purple/grey dress was baggy, wrinkled, and very unflattering to her nonexistent chest. Confusion all around!

2. Natalie Portman

I would expect more than an homage to Minnie Mouse and badly dressed eight year olds from this 2011 Oscar Winner. She claims her look was fifties-inspired, but I think she meant fugly-inspired. The Christian Dior dress which actually was from 1954, drowned the pretty actress, and not in an award-winning bathtub.

3. Meryl Streep

What a disappointment from Ms. Miranda Priestly herself! Although she took home the award for Best Actress, Meryl’s gold lamé gown (read: tablecloth) was nothing to be awarded. The Oscars are for winning the golden statuesque trophies, not dressing like them.


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