The journey with traditions continues: Butler, Flex, Manhattanville, and more

Hello and a very warm welcome to the fifth installment of Senior in the Springtime. This week I continued the journey of completing the traditions that remained on my list. I was able to complete six more, as best as I could, and I’m confident that the other 33 will be conquered in due time.

Again, the numbers alongside the tradition reflect their placement in the original list. My six for the week:

9. Avoid Uni Café like the plague. You might catch it there.

I have legitimately been there only once since the name changed, and as per the rules of this tradition, I won’t be returning. If it’s very late at night and Koronet and Famiglia are closed, go to a chicken and rice cart or Westside, or even Morton Williams. Unless you watch to catch the…

14. Get excited about the new buildings on Manhattanville campus. Just kidding, you’ll never take a class there.

Courtesy of Columbia University

That’s one of the most fabulous sketches I’ve ever seen. I’m actually incredibly jealous. It’s a view of what the redone 130th Street will look like.

The "just kidding" makes me sad :(

37. Believe at one point that race and gender are simply constructs.

Fitting for Valentine’s Day? Gender as a social construct.

And, race as a social construct

I may be being completely dishonest, but let’s just say I believed at one point during my reading that race and gender are simply constructs?

69. Check out the view of campus from Butler’s roof, preferably at night.

Mrinal Mohanka / Spec

I did it! Sadly my BlackBerry's camera isn't the best at 4 a.m. when the battery is too low for the flash to work. But it was beautiful up there.

In case you're wondering how I got up there, here you go: I scaled the exterior facade. The fourth column from the left has great indents for climbing.

71. Start using Flex because it’s just like free money. Feel the wrath from your parents when it shows up on your tuition bill.

I only ever used to use Flex for laundry purposes. I’ve now discovered just how flexible it’s use is. The wrath may be worthwhile. I'm willing to bet at least one place in the list below surprises you too.

Grocery Stores: Fairway Market, Milano Market, Westside Market, Whole Foods, Morton Williams Supermarket, D'Ag Fresh

Restaurants: Atomic Wings, Big Daddy's, Il Cibreo, Campusfood, Chipotle, Deluxe, Five Guys Burgers, Gan Asia, Mel's Burger Bar, Nussbaum & Wu, Panino Sportivo (the P17 is a winner!), Papa John's, The Heights, Village Pourhouse, Havana Central, Aangan

Drug Stores: Rite Aid, CVS

School supplies, home furnishing, and miscellaneous: Columbia University Bookstore, Ivy League Stationers, University Hardware, University Housewares

Oh and CU Arts too!

Introducing the new apology section, for things that are sensitive to factors outside my control and, unfortunately, may not happen now.

47. Go to a fireside chat. Eat mini-burgers and chocolate chip cookies in PrezBo’s living room.

I wasn’t lucky enough to get an invite to last week’s chat. I don't know if there are more opportunities this term? Oh well.

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading!

Senior in the Springtime is a weekly series that runs every Tuesday.


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anon posted on

Chipotle takes flex?! My life is changed forever!

flex= free money posted on

so true. my parents are going to kill me.

Yolanda posted on

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