Giants and dormice and buffalo chicken, oh my!

It's late. You're up. You're either celebrating, sitting in stunned disbelief/anger, or frantically trying to scribble that five page paper due tomorrow at 9:00 am. Unless, like me, you didn't actually watch the Super Bowl. Before you pick up your torches and your pitchforks on your way from your after-party to my dorm room, read on for a football themed One Eleven Extravaganza.

Actual news:

Higher Education Controversy: We're exporting jobs and importing... students.

#Occupy News: Eight are arrested while encampments are being cleared by workers in hazmat suits.

Football related news:

Say no to stereotypes: So much for football players being all brawn and no brain.

Superstitions: I bet your Famiglia's pizza wasn't classy enough to be delivered with an honor guard.

In case you were hiding under a rock: the Giants won.

Speaking of food:

If I were ever to host a Super Bowl Party, my dream menu would have to include:

Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes

Apple Nachos

French Toast Soufflé

Cookie Dough Dip

Just so I have something to do, you know, besides actually watching the game.

This is how I feel about football:


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Riv posted on

hahahaha... cookie doe dip

RLM posted on

that mouse... omg

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