Fast sprinters, good fencers, and #occupy? Oh my!

Trying to get in a sports fix right before the Super Bowl? Who's hot, who's not is here to help you get that last weekend of sports overdose you need before finally getting into studying-gear. Who's hot, who's not has got you covered for what's trending in sports both in and out of the Columbia bubble this week!

Who's hot

Kyra Caldwell

Kyra Caldwell is fast. In the time it took you to read this sentence, she probably could have finished a 60-meter dash. Caldwell, a senior, just won the 60-meter hurdles at the Metropolitan Indoor Track and Field Championship last week with a blazing time of 8.64 seconds. She did not, however, beat the school record which, held by… Kyra Caldwell, is 8.24 seconds. This is just one of the three school records she holds, and her 60-meter hurdles time is so fast that it is an Ivy League record.


Anytime you upset the reigning national champion, you are doing something right. Cheers to the men’s fencing team for that! And anytime you are beating Harvard (our new rival according to columnist Mrinal Mohanka), you are doing something right (arguably even better), so cheers to the women’s fencing team. While this year was thought to be a re-building year, the Light Blue fencing team has stepped up and looks poised to make a strong showing.


The Occupy movement has reached our greatest national institution: the Super Bowl. Everyone (even my Turkish and French friends) knows that it is coming up this Sunday in Indianapolis. While millions of Americans will be watching it from home, as The Nation’s blogger, Dave Zirin says, the actual game "is perennially the Woodstock for the 1 percent." With right-to-work legislation (which labor unions consider to be anti-union, and also which the NFL Players Association opposes) making its way through the Indiana legislature, protesters are also gathering to bring attention to these issues. While it may seem like losing the Super Bowl would be the end of the world, it puts into perspective that there are things more important in people's lives than professional football. One protestor, when asked about whether he felt guilty for possibly disrupting the Super Bowl, responded, “Upsetting the Super Bowl—I couldn’t care less. This is about my life and my family.”

Regardless, first Wall Street, then cities around the world, now the Super Bowl?! You can believe what you want about #Occupy, but it has just conquered the world with Occupy the Super Bowl.

Who's not

Men's basketball

Believe me, it kills me to put them on here on the not list, and columnist Ronnie Shaban is right in saying that we can’t have a knee-jerk reaction to the recent losses, but it is nonetheless heart-breaking that the Lions sit 1-3 in Ivy play. Their three losses have only come by a total margin of 11 points. It’s going to require more offensive production for the team to be hot again, but when they are hot—like they were to begin the season going on a 11-1 just before conference play—the Lions will be a force to reckon with again amongst the ancient eight.

Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl has always been a sham—it’s somehow even less important than the MLB All-Star game (remember, that matters because home field advantage matters for the World Series). However, ever since the NFL decided to move the Pro Bowl to be before the Super Bowl, the best players who are going to play in the Super Bowl always sit out. It was so bad in this year’s 59-41 game, that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said, “I felt like some of the guys on the NFC side embarrassed themselves.” The fans in Hawaii even booed because the game was so bad. Maybe it's time for the NFL to come up with a better solution.


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Jelani posted on

Go Kyra! That's my friend!!

Anonymous posted on

Kyra is super hot!

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The pro bowl is completely worthless. They need to do something about that asap.

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