The Quakers are coming, the Quakers are coming!

That's right, according to the Daily Pennsylvanian a BoltBus full of Quakers will be coming to New York City this Friday to come to what they seem to believe is the wonder of our "underground gym." But they're not coming to just take our land—as obvious as this is if you clicked on that link—there's a basketball game going on at 7 p.m. and it's a pretty important one too as our men's basketball team will take on Penn to open up Ivy play.

Of course, technically we're still on break, but if you have the chance to get back to campus for this game, you really should.

As a reminder, Ivy play is essentially a 14-game tournament whose winner gets a ticket to the big dance—the NCAA tournament in March. And if that's not enough incentive for you to come back early, the team has been quite good so far this year, going 11-5 in nonconference play, including a seven-game winning streak and its current four-game winning streak. All this comes after losing star senior point guard Noruwa Agho to a season-ending injury.

Basically, it boils down to this: If Penn is going to take the time to bring a bus full of fans to our house, then we have got to see the move and raise 'em. Obviously it's not going to be possible for much of the Columbia community to change their flights and get back in time for the game, but if you live a reasonable train distance away, head back to campus Friday night.

Face it, your parents and younger siblings are getting on your nerves anyway. Plus, if you spend the night, you can be there to support the team for its second Ivy game against the snobs from Princeton Saturday night at 7.

So, my fellow Columbians, let's show Penn and Princeton what we're made of. We must protect this house!

Now, we have been on break for a while, so if you haven't exactly been following the happenings with the men's basketball team it's totally understandable—and we've got you covered. Check out this recap by Steven Lau to get you all caught up.


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please come out to the games this weekend students...

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