Having a good football team makes you dumb

It's late. You're up. After the jump, we've got Columbia news, something to read, this day in history, and more. Take a break and check it out!

Columbia News

Problems we don't have: a new study has found that male students whose schools boast successful football teams generally have little to boast about when it comes to their GPAs.

Barnard women build empires: Jill Donenfeld, BC '06, has been named one of Forbes' "30 under 30" for her budding culinary empire, The Culinistas. You can watch the video interview with Donenfeld here, but be warned: the camera is surprisingly shaky and also continually seems to focus on her jewelry/a bookshelf/anything in the room except for the two people who are talking.

This story will not end: Another member of the "Columbia Five" has pleaded guilty. Stephan Vincenzo made the deal to avoid prison time - instead, he will be required to complete community service hours.

Read this: The Current's winter issue was just released. Inside, the editors examine the Moody-Adams controversy and the role of the dean.

On this day...*

1946: It's a Wonderful Life premieres in New York.

1957: Elvis Presley is drafted.

1989: The United States invades Panama.

2002: Trent Lott resigns as leader of the Senate after suggesting that Strom Thurmond should have been elected President in 1948. Thurmond had run as a segregationist opposed to the Civil Rights Act.

*technically today is Dec. 21, and these things happened on Dec. 20. But since none of us have been to bed, it's still basically the 20th for us, right?

Something funny: I'm a sucker for anything with dinosaurs in it. Also, all the songs from last year's Varsity Show have been posted to the show's web site.


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