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SGA brainstorms to cut meal swipe access to Barnard events

Students shouldn’t have to pay to attend Barnard school spirit events, SGA members say—but they don’t yet have a solution to make up the cost.

Founder’s Day and Spirit Day, two Barnard College traditions, are encountering some trouble while still in the preliminary planning stages. These events, which are open to all Columbia students, have previously required meal swipes to gain access to the various activities and food. This year, the Student Government Association is trying to figure out an alternative plan that would allow students to enter for free.

At events meant to promote school spirit, asking students to pay is a turnoff, members said.

At Monday night’s SGA meeting, members floated several possible solutions to the issue. One suggestion was asking Aramark, the food service provider for Barnard, to contribute to the food that goes into both celebrations and drives up costs.

Jessica Blank, BC ’12 and SGA president, said that members didn’t want to ask too much of Aramark. “But if there’s any way they can help with the costs, of course we’d be open to it.”

Another possibility was for SGA to pay for all Barnard sophomores, juniors, and seniors to enter, and for Barnard first-years and all other University students to swipe in.

However, some of the members of the SGA Representative Council were not convinced of the practicality of having two lines of students.

“I don’t know how we will be able to sort everyone into two lines. There’s not really a good way to differentiate between who belongs in each line,” said Aliza Hassine, BC ’14 and president of the sophomore class council.

Maya Zinkow, BC ’14 and representative for community programming, suggested changing the tradition altogether of a BBQ to an ice cream sundae bar in order to cut costs. But the other members were not receptive of the idea of a wholesale change.

“We’re still in the process of sorting everything out for these two events,” Sarah Steinmann, BC ’13 and vice president of communications, said, indicating that SGA would be discussing the issue over the next several weeks.


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