The Shaft

General Selection---The final (half) day

After Friday's registration, in which basically everything went as predicted in the prior Housing post, the fog (though you never really know with Housing) has mostly settled. Expect the Sophomore Waitlist cutoff to be roughly 1034 (give or take a few appointments), and, with that, the end of General Selection.

Of those who won't get to pick into General Selection (roughly 130), some will opt for off-campus housing, while most will elect to be placed on the Sophomore Waitlist. Over the summer, prospective junior (and senior) transfers, as well as sophomores, will be asked to indicate their room preferences. Especially for sophomores, DON'T BE PICKY. If your preferences indicate (I only want a single), odds are you won't get it and instead of that decent Nussbaum double that you would have received ahead of someone else, you, instead, will get shafted.

Your fate should be decided by mid-July, and we'll be sure to drop in around that time.

So that's it! It has been a long ride, and while we will pop up every now and then, this is the end. Shaft out.


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This is the end. Shaft out. posted on

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