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Council round-up: smoking, assassins, and libraries

In your weekly councils round-up, CCSC tries to make judicial affairs sexy, assassins beset the ESC, and SGA takes a break from meal plan talks.

Calendars, smoking, and judicial affairs with CCSC

CCSC members discussed the judicial process with Dean Henry of Judicial Affairs, and passed a resolution stating that CCSC is opposed to a campus-wide ban on smoking.

Judicial Affairs: Henry admitted that Columbia’s judicial process was confusing to her at first and wants to make it clearer.

CCSC members advocated making the policy more transparent so students know what they will face if they do go through the process. The idea of a pamphlet was brought up as many on the committee agreed that a streamlined document bringing together all the information would be beneficial to students.

Vice president of policy Sarah Weiss suggested a judicial affairs educational program during NSOP week similar to the “Consent is Sexy”
program so new students can easily learn about the judicial process at Columbia.

Academic Calendar: Members plan to meet on Friday with Provost Steele, and it will be voted on by the University Senate on April 1.

Smoking Ban: CCSC voted, one abstention short of unanimously, to pass a resolution stating that the council does not support a campus-wide ban on smoking. Authors of the resolution argued that, because 56% of CCSC does not support the ban according to a campus-wide survey, CCSC should listen to their constituents and not support it either.

But members of the Tobacco Workforce also stressed that they were open to discussions on other options, such as not smoking within 20 feet of a building.

Et tu, ESC?

Assassins: This year’s game of CU Assassins has only been in play for a week, but over half of the assassins are already dead – a mere 85 are currently surviving out of 200 participants. It seems some assassins are willing to do anything to record a kill.

Mid-meeting, the death toll dropped to 84. A stealthy SEAS student (not on the ESC board) slipped into the Satow room, sat silent in the back for about a minute, and then proceeded to shoot ex-lab partner and ESC member Zak Accuardi, SEAS ’11, with a tiny handheld water gun. After his fellow board members assured him “that meetings are not safe zones,” he surrendered his badge and the meeting proceeded.

Rats and Missing Door Handles?: Some baffling building issues discussed were rats in the LLC buildings and spontaneously removed door handles in Lerner.

According to the Production Planning Committee, LLC currently carries out a weekly pest control walk through in order to get rid of the rats. The missing door handles on doors near Café 212 and Café East also remain a mystery – you can get out from the inside, but you can’t get in from the outside, members say.

Bacchanal: The Bacchanal all-day carnival this April will benefit Haiti, according to the ESC.

SGA talks libraries

After a hectic few weeks tackling the meal plan, the Student Government Association was business as usual Monday night.

Future speakers: In the coming weeks, SGA will see Provost Elizabeth Boylan visit. Students plan to ask about a possible ethnic studies program, the reduction of professors’ course loads, and the tenure process.

Barnard Library and Academic Information Service Committee (BLAIS): Jenny Chen, SEAS ’10, representative to ESC, reported that new library dean Lisa Norberg is looking for a group of students to create a focus group on possible first-floor renovations and space issues. Chen plans to reach out to Academic Computing Experts, commuters, and student employees in the library for their input.


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